I hope you’re loving this boubou as much as I am! It’s the perfect “I’m too lazy to pull together an outfit but I still want to look gorgeous” piece. My African maxi dress, I love to call it. Simple and chic.
Happy Easter in arrier, I hope you enjoyed your day and it was filled with much love, gratitude and joy. I wore this lovely one to church for the celebration and things were different this Sunday because we held mass outside in the Duke Gardens. It was absolutely amazing and the weather was beautiful. Sunny, warm, basically LAJA weather, hahaha! However, my forehead did get quite burnt. Yup, it was that hot. There were soo many people in the garden and this has to be my most awkward (for obvious reasons) and stressful shoot till date. The photos weren’t coming out right, my camera’s battery was running low, my tripod fell down and broke with my camera mounted to it. I almost passed out. Luckily, it fell on grass so my camera was more that fine. Phew! But, you get the gist. 

All in all, I hope you enjoy your week and are welcoming Spring with open arms like I’ve been for quite sometime now. I’m so happy and I’m really just praying for strength and perseverance especially in this final lap of the semester. One last this, I am ecstatic that Duke won the NCAAs *sheds multiple tears* #ForeverBlue Gosh, that game had me falling off the chair and rolling on and ignoring homework. It was well worth it!
Outfit Details
Boubou: Custom Made
Sandals: Ralph Lauren
Purse: Antonio Melani