Is it obvious I’ve been loving orange lately? For real, I’ve tried to stay away but I keep going back at the same time. It’s safe to say, the obsession is real.

Things have been really interesting so far considering it’s a countdown till finals but that’s just by the way. I like being honest with you so I’ll share some sentiments I have been feeling lately. I’ve been feeling that my outfits are too “basic” and I would beat myself up about it cause I felt the slaying spirit was slapping me left, right, front and center when I finish getting dressed, haha…  But seriously, I’ve been feeling really “minimal” lately. Clearly not colour-wise, but wearing less accessories and making my outfits as simple as possible. When I start getting stressed out about deciding what to wear, I just grab for some simple, basic pieces (cause basics are African prints’ best friends) and pull the whole look together with a leather jacket. Bless you leather jackets.

These wedges are the most comfortable thing ever. I got them back in Paris and wore it Every. Single. Day. And I walk ALOT. So bringing these babies out came with bursts of joy and nostalgia. I really, really miss France/traveling and these wedges make me feel oh-so-Parisian (minus the colors) even when France is (as on now) a delicious memory… We’ll see what this summer has to offer.
Enjoy the rest of your, lover and I’ll talk to you in a bit!