So I wore this outfit to the Kim Shui Fashion show, I will share my experience on working behind the scene with a designer for the first time so make sure to stay tuned for that.

Anyways, this new purse just came in the mail and I am absolutely in lovvee! I had been on the lookout for a go-to red bag and I’m happy to say that I have found it. This purse is by Segolene En Cuir and I was looking for a high quality, chic and structured purse and this fits all the criteria. I am in love. For the fashion show, I decided to wear this jumpsuit and my trustee ankara jacket and accessorize with red. I opted for flats cause I knew I’d be running around a lot and no one has time to run around for four hours plus in heels BUT I had to look good. I hope you like the look! Yes, the pants swept the floor like crazy but oh well…

Stay tuned for the next half for the fashion show and have a great weekend!