Take Me Home

All alone,
There it sat,
Far away from home,
Till a lone ranger asked, “What is that?”

As if she knew,
 She took the cue,
And picked it up like it were new,
Then began the search for some green hues.

Don’t worry, my love we’re leaving this tiresome dome, 
Going to a place where you won’t be alone,
There’ll be no more tears or long moans,
Hold on, we’ll get there soon, were not far away from home.

Contrary to the pictures, it was super windy and my hair literally fell apart… Yup, I need to use more pins next time.

 I was contemplating just leaving the poem and excluding my voice from this piece but I couldn’t bring myself to it because I really like blabbing to you guys about… Well, stuff. 

Never thought I was a poem person but I found myself writing and I thought, wow, this is really cool so I’ll go with it as opposed to outright explaining the story. Cheers to switching things up, baby! 
*Sigh* The things you learn about yourself everyday.

I hope you enjoy this mini story and poetry of mine, I had a lot of fun doing it.

Have a great week and I’ll talk to you in a bit!
Outfit Details

Ankara Blouse: Custom made
Trousers: H&M 
Heels: BCBG

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