Next Level

Last Saturday was my brother’s graduation, yay!

He officially finished from Admiral Farragut in Florida *sobs*, so proud of his hairy, bone-head. It was a swell day, we took lots of pictures and had lunch in a lovely restaurant in Lowes Don CeSar. It was soo pretty and the food was yummaayyy! I kept things pretty simple and classy with my outfit in this cut-out, maxi, ankara dress. The lipcolor definitely stole my heart. I’ve been wearing this color non-stop!
The next day, we went for a dinner-theatre performance called “If The Shoe Fits”. It’s basically dinner before the show which is pretty neat because food usually isn’t allowed in theaters so that was a first timer. I really liked it. 

We then headed to Boston to visit his university, Worcester Polytechnic Institute and as much as I’m happy for him, that place is too darn cold! It’s May for crying out loud, geezz. No, thank you. It was a quick trip and I’m currently writing from Oklahoma! Yup, I’ll be spending a good part of my summer here and won’t be going back to Nigeria. Wahh, first time I haven’t been back home during summer. Definitely a weird feeling but I’ll survive. I’m pretty excited actually. There’s been a lot of traveling this past week so things went by pretty quickly so I’m glad to be back in settled down in one place. Let’s gooo!
I hope you enjoy your week and I’ll talk to you in a bit!  
Outfit Details
Ankara maxi: Custom-made
Sandals: Coach
Purse: Segolene (borrowed from Mummy LAJA, hehe)
Earrings: Fulfill Jewelry
Cuff Bracelet: Thrifted

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