Gosh, I’m not even going to explain why I’m wearing orange again. *closes eyes and runs away*

This outfit was such a no brainer. I pulled it together so quickly, I was rather shocked. I guess I had gotten so used to battling my clothing on how best to combine them. These two pieces just fit together perfectly. I almost shed some tears of joy, haha. As paradoxical as this sounds, fashion is more fun when it’s simpler and not over-thought. Seemingly “effortless” outfits usually turn out the best. I seriously need to remind myself about this more often.

The ankara skirt and orange blouse are bae-sically bae. However, the accessories deserve more attention especially the rings. I have always been a fan of wrist accessories. Rings? Not so much. I’m always aware I have something wrapped around my finger and it bothers me. Plus, they always find their off my fingers. Oopsie. These rings, however, are the most comfortable I’ve worn in a long time. I couldn’t feel a thing and I almost forgot I was wearing them. I was glad to find them still on my fingers when I looked.

It’s going to be a picture overload today. I got SO many great shots and I had the hardest time pruning them for this post. Then, I thought, why should I hoard these beautiful photos? Heck, I’ll just throw in everything… Kinda.
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Enjoy and I’ll talk to you in a bit.
Outfit Details
Ankara skirt: LAJA Styles
Top: Vince Camuto
Sandals: Ralph Lauren
Bracelet: Fulfill Jewelry
Rings: Fulfill Jewelry