Literally speaking, it’s going to be a lot more difficult finding a dark anything when night falls. Looking for a black goat at night time? Good luck with that. You’ll put in more resources, time and there’s really no guarantee you’ll ever find. Unfortunately. This quote could be applied to two aspects; opportunities and relationships.

In relation to opportunity, I believe this adage is referring to those rare, once-in-a-lifetime opportunities that cross your path or in fact, any opportunity in general. If you don’t snatch it while it’s there, if/when it slips through your fingers, it’s significantly more difficult to come across it again; sometimes, you never do. The amount of sweat, blood and tears you’ll have to go through to get that one shot at that one thing you once took for granted… It’s rather painful but if you believe it’s worth it, you’ll find the will to push through. I always like to believe that every disappointment is a blessing. You might end up finding a cow or a deer on your quest for the goat. You know, because cows and deers casually run around at night. But seriously, it’s better to see what could be than continuously obsess over what could have been.

There are several reasons that can cause you to miss out on an opportunity; fear, self-doubt, bad company etc. The doubt or fear usually comes with experiencing something unfamiliar or something where you don’t know the outcome. That’s the more reason you should say yes because who knows where it could lead you to? It’s a lot better than that nasty feeling of regret or “uhh I wish I did it” when the opportunity is long gone. I don’t think anyone is ever 100% ready for anything. There will always be that “Am I really doing this? Should I really do this?” thought at the back of your mind. Seriously, just do it. Pursue that black goat in daylight. It’s not going to sit down waiting for you to catch it. Duh.

Relationship wise, I’m talking platonic, romantic and personal. A black goat in this case connotes negativity. Perhaps you notice an adverse trait in a friend, significant other or even yourself. It is better to fix it or cut it off before things spiral out of control. How does he or she talk about other people to you? It could reflect how they would talk about you to other people.How about signs of physical, verbal or emotional abuse? Do you leave the person feeling drained or empowered? Again, realizing this early on, addressing it and coming to the best decision for you is essential. Waiting till you’re stuck in too deep makes things more complicated and a lot harder to de-tangle yourself from.It’s easier said than done (especially when emotions are involved) but having the right people around you and admitting there’s an issue really goes along way. Sometimes the best decisions for you aren’t the easiest to make.

This quote spoke to me on so many levels, I hope it speaks to you on that thing too.