I always wonder why my brain always seems to be the most active at night. I know I’m not alone but I find I come up with the best ideas at night. I always find myself jotting down several things and I’m there thinking where were you during daytime? I’m meant to be asleep but psych! That’s when the brain decides to go on overdrive. Anyways, the most recent encounter from what I like to call nighttime thinking was to compile the numerous videos on my phone and share them. More specifically from when I was in France a year ago. I seriously surprise myself by what I find on my phone. Photos, #LAJASelfies and videos of things I don’t recall taking. In short, my phone has suffered. 

Back to the video and France issue, I shared it on my Tumblr. I’ll be compiling and sharing the rest as time goes on. I love pictures but videos are just so magical. Throwing in footage and music with some editing here and there to create a type of “feel”. I really like it and I hope to explore more of that on here. I’m a very visual person and I love that when I listen to music, I can imagine a story in my head that goes with it. Doesn’t that happen to you? I love music and fashion independently but when combined, my heart just explodes with more love and happiness. I fall more in love with the song and the message/items have more value because there’s a story/memory attached to them. Gosh, it gets me so excited! 

I’m writing so much today because my brain’s on overdrive (yeah, nighttime thinking syndrome is happening again) and I’m currently listening to F*ck Em Only We Know” by Banks. It’s such a light and carefree song despite the title. I can just imagine myself driving on a sunny day in California blasting this song with the windows rolled down. Live, laugh, love. It’s definitely number one on LAJA’s Summer 2015 playlist. 
Onto the outfit (finally), you know the drill; ankara + leather + sunglasses= #FeistyLAJA. The skirt reminds me of sunshine and fresh grass. The earrings and brooch I love because they add summer to the leather jacket. Yeah, leather during summer is quite cray but whatever, I was feeling it.

Don’t forget to check out my latest article on CollegeFashionista. Enjoy the rest of your week and I’ll talk to you in a bit!
Outfit Details
Ankara Skirt: LAJA Styles
Leather Jacket: Bongo
Shoes: Antonio Melani
Earring/Brooch: Fulfill Jewelry