I’m excited to share the second look from  my #AnkaraInDisney trip. Yeah this isn’t Disney but I explain why the shoot had to pushed forward. Read the hilarious story here and peep the first outfit here.

I love the concept of jeans and ankara. It’s something I have never done before and I look forward to combining African prints with other materials of different tectures… especially this fall. I have very few of my LAJA skirts left so you can pick them up while they last here. It’s so funny because while shooting these pictures, there  were two elderly ladies sitting right next to me. They were having the typical girl talk that included boys (seems like the topic doesn’t loose interest even with age), friends, family, leisure and life in general. It was obvious they were best of friends and it was adorable listening to them while away time. I pray in my later years I have a girlfriend that I can talk about absolutely nothing and everything with.The moment was too precious.
In other news, I’m back to braids! Yes, these are braids and I’ll most likely do a post about it. As you guessed, I’ve missed braids so much and it had been a while since I last did braids like these? Flashback to the fish bone braids, remember those? These are similar if not the exact same thing. Stay tuned for that article.
I hope you enjoy your weekend and for those of you heading (or already in) school, I hope you have a kick ass start to the semester! As always, I’ll talk to you in a bit.
Outfit details
Ankara skirt: LAJA Styles (available)
Crop top: Charlotte Russe
Shoes: Anne Michelle
Bracelet: Fulfill Jewelry