Really transitioning for Fall. I’ve been all about that dark and neutral look for a bit. Especially with my lip colors. Can’t seem to get enough of those deep burgundy, brownish-reds. I even got a nail polish in that color. Looking forward to the fashion aspect of the season but not so much the change in weather. Boohoo!

Speaking of which, I’m quite about to do something that Lord help me, is just eeek! It was one of those screw it or shall I say, YOLO moments and I’m nervous as heck while writing this. It probably doesn’t help typing it on here but it does help me blow off some steam. I’ll share what it is in due time. I feel it deserves a special post  whether things go well or not. It’s just one of those life experiences that despite the outcome, there’s always a lesson learned. So wish me good luck even though I’m talking in circles, hehe!

As for the outfit, fans and leopards prints mixed together are very interesting. I love how both color palettes play off each other. It tickles your eyes (good luck imagining that) and I ended up really liking how the combo turned out. Gosh, my facial expressions in these photos though, I couldn’t stop laughing. That’s why I love sunglasses, they control your facial expression and leave everything seamless… Seamlessly cool.

Hope you enjoy the rest of your week and I’ll talk to you in a bit!

Outfit Details
Ankara Skirt: LAJA Styles (very few remaining)
Shoes: Calvin Klein
Bracelet: Fulfill Jewelry