Happy New Month, lover! Saying hello to October and goodbye to showing skin. The temperatures have dropped so quickly and you can imagine I’m trying my best to hold onto the scarcest bit of warm weather. Probably the last time you’d see my show this much skin from this point on… till next Spring of course!

If you didn’t know, it was Nigeria’s Independence day on the 1st of October! She turned 55 years of pure swag! Proudly Nigerian all day, tomorrow and forever!
I felt really grunge and rebellious in this outfit. I love mixing different fashion trends from various cultures with various African prints (ankara in this case). It really shows the versatility and adds a delicious twist. I was really inspired by blogger Luanna of LeHappy. She consistently gives me life with her look, ughh! Every. Single. Time.
 The look is very 90s but I added my twist by pairing it with ankara shorts. I’ve had them for a bit but had been looking for the best way to style them. This sleeveless blazer though, it really came through with the outfit. I’ve been wearing it wayy to much, it pulls together everything! I’ve been meaning to try out the grunge look for a bit and when I saw the “messy” hair and dark lips (you know I love a bold, dark lip) added to the whole aura, I had to throw in a prison squat. *wink wink*
I hope you have great weekend and I’ll talk to you in a bit!
Outfit Details
Ankara Shorts: LAJA Styles
Top: Target
Blazer: New Look
Booties: Mix No. 6