African Explosion Fashion Show

Hello, lover! If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram, you know I went for a fashion show this past Saturday. I did something super embarrassing that you can read about here. It consisted of clothing made with various African prints and over 6 designers showcased their collections. As you can imagine and also tell by these photos, it was one heck of a vibrant evening!
So my favorite designers from the show. The first was NASHONA especially their coats! Their COATS! I literally wanted to grab them all off the runway. They are so great for adding color to your ensemble this winter and the cuts are really modern. Slaying winter one ankara coat at a time. I was pleased with the collection. The next designer high on my list was Chukwu “D” Designs. His specialty was shoes and clutches crafted with various wax prints. His choices of prints were spot on and I appreciated he used print patterns I wasn’t already familiar with. He’s just starting up and I look forward to seeing more of his work!
These are some shots from my favorite pieces from that night aka I would gladly wear every single one of them. Sigh, the thirst was real.
Hope you have a great week and I’ll talk to you in a bit!
Earrings by Fulfill Jewelry
Loved the design+ colour palette on this print.
Loved the neck cut and the lace overlay.
If it’s orange, know I’m automatically going to love it
These pumps!!!…!!!
Throw on some tights + a leather jacket and you have yourself a Fall/Winter outfit.
Yesss, for these colours!
When your hair matches your outfit *wipes away tears of appreciation*
I love this dress but I was more impressed by the gele skills. This coat!!!
I’m strongly contemplating going gray or red. Thoughts?


13 thoughts on “African Explosion Fashion Show

  1. Great Blog! Keep up the good work and looking forward to seeing more designz…

    Chukwu “D” Designz
    Chukwudi Okeke

  2. Thank you for Sharing! My name is Natalie Dawn I am the co-founder and fashion show director for this show. I am so glad you enjoyed! This year will be bigger and better, hope to see you!

  3. Thanks Ms. LAJA for this post! It was truly an amazing event…thanks to all the ladies (models) , designers, ASFABA students of NCCU, Ashley Nicole (the best host in the world), all those who attended, & the best partner (Natalie Dawn) for making this 1st time event the success it was! SAVE THE DATE! Looking to bring C2AAEFS to Durham again this fall….OCTOBER 1, 2016!

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