You guys know I’m all about showing you how versatile and diverse various African** prints are for different seasons and occasions. I really do believe African prints will never go out of style or become “cliche” like I’ve been seeing around lately. Miss LAJA believes it will continuously evolve alongside the culture and they are so much more than “tribal” prints (don’t even get me started on this one) like a lot of foreign brands portray them to be. That’s a story for another day but I really want you to know why I do what I do so your reason for coming to my site is clearer. I really do believe in African** prints and I hope you will too.

I just wanted to get that off my chest and let you know what drives me to keep posting and pushing myself to be better. If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll know that I post other ways various African prints are incorporated outside fashion; decor, art, there are even wax print cars! I really hope you’ll learn through Miss LAJA how to add prints to your wardrobe and make them a part of your lifestyle (and no you don’t have to be from an African country to appreciate so hop on the boat). I believe it should be an essential part of everyone wardrobe, men and women alike.
African** prints are beautiful and can easily fit in with the modern girl/woman. Like I’ve always said, this is a journey so I’m continuously searching and learning about the different types of African prints out there because there are many! And of course, I’ll be here to share them with you. A quick schpill on the outfit, this is pretty casual casual chic. It is really chilly so I got my layering game on. Loved how these pictures came out, I had the hardest time selecting!
Hope you like it and see you next month!
Outfit Details
Ankara trousers: LAJA Styles
Sweater: Rainbows
Pullover: Windsor
Belt: Express
Shoes: Me Too
Purse: Ségolène en Cuir
**: I understand there are hundreds of prints unique to various African countries and cultures. Understand that “African prints” is not a feasible thing, I merely use it to describe where Miss LAJA’s focus is going to be; learning and showcasing the versatility of prints from various African countries. It’s important to use these words carefully lest you risk stripping the 54 countries of their unique identities, re-perpetuating the stereotype that “Africa” is country and sounding plain ignorant. Africa is a continent of 54 fabulously unique countries.