Black, Pink and Gold

I wore this jumpsuit to my sister's graduation (YAY!)I matched it with pink accessories from Fulfill Jewelry (seriously you guys should check them out). This six layered necklace is usually worn with traditional attire but voila! I present to you a way to match it with English wear.I find that carrying stylish pouches is convenient [...]


The Bright Nigerian Bride

No guys, don't worry I'm not getting married... yet 🙂 But I did an earlier post of a typical Ika outfit which could also be worn as a traditional wedding attire from where I'm from (Delta state, Nigeria). I was in all white there, now here is another Ika outfit but with a splash of [...]

My Yellow Ankara Jacket

This ankara jacket is the sibling to my yellow ankara skirt! And no it wasn't planned. It just happened 🙂 I absolutely adore this jacket's intricately trimmed edges. Its just so edgy and unique!We had 'family' pictures at my church today for Christmas postcards and they handed out Christmas hats! Christmas is coming and I'm so [...]