Jabulani Bellas

 Duke's African show was this past Tuesday and it was a blast, whirlwind and tornado of fun, excitement and high tension but my Jabulani Bellas and Beaus came out on top! Woop woop!Honestly, this was my first time feeling the heat of life or shall I say, the beautiful chaos life behind the scenes of [...]

Sisterhood Of The Travelling Gele

I present to you (some) of the promo pictures for Duke Africa's annual Jabulani Show. Oh ma gashhh, I'm sooo in love!Happy New Month, loverrss! March is a special month for me because Miss LAJA, Miss LAJA (yes, I said it twice) and Daddy LAJA celebrate our birthdays and for many more reasons! It's a [...]

Confessions of A Rising Sophomore

SourceI'm officially done with my first year in college and what can I say? It was amazing... Amazingly quick. The fact that the first year went by so quickly makes four years of college look really short. At least as of now. My first year was filled with the highs and the lows but it [...]

Allons-y à l’école

School is in session... No! Well, I'm a freshman here at Duke University which I'm in love with so I guess it's not that bad. Like they say, love conquers all. Now you know a little more about me: I attend Duke and I am absolutely in love with it! It got me thinking why [...]