LAJA Styles Cassey

The  LAJA Styles Series features #StrongIndependentWomen styled in LAJA using items from their wardrobe. With ankara print, we often believe we have to buy a whole new wardrobe to make it work which isn't true. This series shows you that you have everything you need to incorporate ankara clothing and pull together killer outfits (for different occasions) [...]

Take Me Home

 All alone,There it sat,Far away from home,Till a lone ranger asked, "What is that?"As if she knew, She took the cue,And picked it up like it were new,Then began the search for some green hues.Don't worry, my love we're leaving this tiresome dome, Going to a place where you won't be alone,There'll be no more tears or [...]

PS I Love You

 Join LAJA as she discovers the beauty of love and all the emotions that come with it...This project is so close to my heart because this is my first time doing a post like this. Coming up with the "storyline" and being able to capture my message through pictures was really fun and I hope [...]