What France Taught Me About Nigeria

I have been doing a lot of touristy things in France (of course) and if there's one thing that has stood out to me, it's the abundance of museums, gardens and historical monuments here, there's just so much to see and do! The amount of effort, time and money put into preserving these monuments is [...]


I attended a musical in Muson Centre, Lagos on Boxing Day called Kakadu. See what I wore here. I honestly don't know what I was thinking while I buying the ticket because I thought I was purchasing a ticket for the comedy show, Stand Up Nigeria. In short, I was excepting to laugh and laugh [...]

9 Tips For Dealing With Heat (Especially In Nigeria)

As happy as I am to be here, the heat is making me go loco! It’s so HOT and AHHHH! I was contemplating writing a post about how hot it was but that won’t make sense and how does that help anyone? Plus, if you’ve been following me, you’ll see I’ve said times without number [...]

Woman Crush: Omotola Jalade

Photo gotten from herePhoto gotten from hereOmotola Jalade-Kehinde(aka Omo-sexy) is a Nigerian actress, singer and philatrophist who became popular for her acting skills. She has appeared in about 300 movie (crazy I know!), has claimed 21 awards and she's one of the actresses I grew up watching and admiring a lot. What made me realize how [...]

Obalende Suya

First thing first, what’s suya? Obalende? Where's that? Suya is like an “African barbecue” where fresh meat parts (could be chicken or beef) is roasted on an open fire with lots of spices and pepper (especially pepper), chopped up and wrapped in newspaper with extra pepper plus fresh onions! Woop woop! When not chopped up, [...]

Allons-y à l’école

School is in session... No! Well, I'm a freshman here at Duke University which I'm in love with so I guess it's not that bad. Like they say, love conquers all. Now you know a little more about me: I attend Duke and I am absolutely in love with it! It got me thinking why [...]

The "One Man Went To Mo" Game

My sister told me about The “One Man Went To Mo” Game. It’s counting down numbers as fast as you can without making a mistake or stopping. I thought it was easy; It was a lie. See for yourself…You can play with as many people with each person having a turn. My sister and her [...]

Peplum Craze

Let's just say I'm really really really feeling the peplum trend now. I'm not really one to follow trends and I usually wear what I like but I always seem to find myself wearing something with a peplum waist... I think it's weird cause it's not planned but oh well... I guess I'm in love [...]

To Buy Or Not To Buy?

That is the question...Markets here in nigeria are busy, open and very different from supermarkets. Things are generally cheaper because one is able to “price” aka bargain the choice item as low as possible so the buyer and seller are both satisfied (though this isnt always the case). Pricing is a very important skill if [...]

Miss LAJA meets Ini Edo

Earlier last week, I went to the saloon with my sisters and to my surprise, who do I run into? Nollywood actress Ini Edo! Nollywood is basically Nigeria's film industry like Hollywood... Nollywood. Get the picture? And who is Ini Edo sef? Well, she's a highly recognized Nollywood actress/celebrity who I grew up watching as a [...]