Confessions Of A BridesMaid

Couples that slay together stay together right?Yeah, yeah there's a lot more to it but it flows so well. You guys know through my Instagram (@miss_laja) that I attended a wedding; my cousin's wedding to be precise and I was on the bridal train so of course I had to share the experience with you [...]

The Bright Nigerian Bride

No guys, don't worry I'm not getting married... yet 🙂 But I did an earlier post of a typical Ika outfit which could also be worn as a traditional wedding attire from where I'm from (Delta state, Nigeria). I was in all white there, now here is another Ika outfit but with a splash of [...]

The Typical Ika Outfit

I dressed up in my traditional Ika attire from Delta State, Nigeria, West Africa.  Here's the video describing what I'm wearing.And some pictures... Always,Miss LAJA