BRAG 2016

Twirlll Miss LAJA X Mummy LAJA 😀 Loved the decor LAJA X Laquan Smith ❤  Mega babe 😀  Intelligent Ladies The Honorees From the latest in #LAJAInNewYork, I had an absolute blast attending the BRAG 2016 Gala. BRAG (Black Retail Action Group) is a non-profit striving for diversity within the fashion and retail industry. It's [...]

LAJA X Forbes

In my LAJA Aniocha wrap dress Honored to have been selected as a Forbes Under 30 2016 Scholar. It's a very exciting recognition, cheers to more exciting things to come and thank you all for the support you've shown LAJA so far. Much love and have an exciting week! Always, Miss LAJA

Ankara In Disney

From my LAJAgram, you'll know I was in Florida last week. Disney was one of my stops and it was a short and VERY eventful two days. I really need to share this story because it almost feels unreal that such events took place with such coincidences... Or shall I say divine intervention?   The [...]

When In Dubai 2

And so the adventures continue... Day 4Today was so moist. Literally and figuratively. Earlier in the day, I was at a travel agency and the manager, a lady came to talk to us. I promise you, never in my life has anyone ever impressed me SO much under the span of 15 minutes. Never. Her [...]

When In Dubai

A well spent week in Dubai, so bitter-sweet!As promised the photos of my adventures in Dubai! It was a blast so I'll break down my highlights for each day one at a time.Pre-arrivalIt was so hectic! We arrived at our boarding gate 5 minutes before our flight was to leave. All of us were running [...]

Reminising France…

Just some unrealeased photos from my 6 weeks in France... And mostly because I miss it like crazy and there's a lot left ushared. Pictures like these remind me of why I love blogging so much. Enjoy...Le Sacre-Coeur...They just got married... Aww!Looks like I'm pouting so I might as well go with itMusée du LouvreFrom [...]


I was recently in Bretagne and had a very short stay in Normandie. It was lovely. I stayed in St Malo, visited the Mont St Michel in Normandie and the very pretty small town, Dinan...St Malo    Mother nature changes the water in the pool every 4-6 hours @4pm...Same spot @ 8pm. The beach is absolutely covered.A [...]

2 Nights In Provence

I was recently in Provence and it was a very different experience from life in Paris. For one thing, I was able to wear my usual bright colors without feeling awkward or out of place. It was my first time taking the TGV (Le train grand vitesse) and that thing is crazy fast but you [...]

Beautiful Findings.

I did a lot of "flâneries" last week meaning "walking without a goal or sense of direction" (something the French do a lot) so I could familiarize myself with the surrounding. I was able to get some nice photos of amazing findings! Big and bright things(meaning everything in Paris) tend to catch my attention so enjoy! [...]

First few days in Paris

La Seine  If you've been following my Facebook and Instagram page (@miss_laja), you would know I am now in Paris and I couldn't be anymore excited.I was so nervous at the airport because this is my first time here and I had to practice my french skills in a French country. Talk about pressure but [...]