Ankara In Disney

From my LAJAgram, you’ll know I was in Florida last week. Disney was one of my stops and it was a short and VERY eventful two days. I really need to share this story because it almost feels unreal that such events took place with such coincidences… Or shall I say divine intervention?

The Day Before
The day before Disney, my DSLR dropped to the ground for the first time in its (and my) entire life. I froze died inside. I had planned to shoot every single one of my outfits during the trip. I was ready; outfit, makeup looks all the way down to locations then this just happened. My lens protector broke BUT my camera and lenses were very okay. Phew! I had to postpone my shoot because my photos were just not coming out right. Yes, it was one of those days. You can see that outfit here. Onto the next day, you’ll think things actually turn out for the better… LOL, I say. LOL.
Day 1
 We visited Magic Kingdom on our first day and it was AMAZING! The rest of my family had already been so I was the only one extra starry eyed. There was a very lovely parade that reminded me so much of Universal Studios but we had ice cream, entered a whole bunch of rides and had a great time. Fast forward to 5pm, it started pouring out of no where #typicalFloridaweather. 
The wind was crazy and it pretty much ruined everything since we had to cut our day short. Here’s something you should know about me. You know I love photos, I really do. Keeping this in mind, I also happen to carry 3 cameras at the same time; my DSLR, my point and shoot and of course, my beloved phone. Yeah, don’t ask why.
Now back to the story. It was pouring rain and we decided to leave since all the rides were closed down and the forecast wasn’t looking promising. There’s a tram that takes visitors to and from the car pack but lo and behold, we got of the wrong stop… Mind you, I was already wet because the tram was very open. No umbrella, no raincoat, nothing. Perfect. Just perfect. In the pouring rain with my battalion of gadgets in my purse. It was so bad. I was soaked down to my underwear. The only thing I kept thinking was “Oh my gosh, my cameras!” I thought my bag would offer some type of shield…How delirious of me, I know. One things for sure, movies make rain scenes look so romantic. Okay,I admit it was actually fun looking like a lost puppy in the rain. It would have made a better story if I didn’t have all my important things in one place. I wanted to fling someone to Jericho. I was pissed and in denial about the welfare of my cameras. Fifteen minutes later, we found our car (finally) and drove home. It rained all night.
Day 2
I absolutely forgot about the events of the previous day and decided to shoot some outfits early in the morning. The denial was real. My DSLR was working but my lens were clouded. Water got in (duh) and I didn’t realize the gravity until I dismantled the parts and my camera was quite frankly dripping H20. 
 Skipping the tantrum parts, Epcot park was on the agenda for the day! I had a great time although Epcot was more educational and there weren’t as many puke-inducing rides as I would have liked. Although I was down one camera, I still had 2 back ups; my phone and point-and-shoot. Evidence for why I say the gadget gods were against me; my second camera took two pictures and just stopped working. Just like that. I tried everything, the camera was just not having it. Now, I’m down to just my phone and that’s when the battery decides to die. At this point, I’m just a mess, ughh! The series of unfortunate events were just too much! There was so much to capture but unless someone creates a device that allows you relive people’s experiences or live through their eyes (that’ll be awesome), those images will forever be in my head to cherish. So, for the most part of day 2, I had no camera… and no outfit posts.
Some highlights for me, I entered a kiddie ride and it was a “tour” around the world. I was SO excited when I saw various African prints (specifically ankara) in the section representing the African continent. A huge upgrade from desert safaris cohabited by wild animals and humans living in huts! #AnkaraInDisney! That was huge hit for me. Another one was the humongous ball. I took a million pictures with it. I couldn’t get enough. 
Later in the evening, I had Vietnamese food for the first time, more specifically Pho. My brother raved about it and being a culture and food junkie, I had to tick it off my bucket list! Anyone who knows me knows I’m a huge pasta/noodles fan. I was a very, very happy bunny. It ended on a really high note. Plus, I had missed Florida SO much and it was great to be back even for a short period. It holds a special place in my heart.
I’ll definitely be back to Disney, I haven’t had my “fill” of it yet and there’s still so much to explore. I loved rocking my ankara pieces there, of course! Though I had to postpone all my shootings till later, it just really taught me that I need to calm down, put away the camera and enjoy the moment… Through my own eyes. Clearly, I was very disturbed but I survived. 
What’s your experience with Disney? Highlights? Lowlights? Let me know in the comments below!

When In Dubai 2

And so the adventures continue…

Day 4
Today was so moist. Literally and figuratively. Earlier in the day, I was at a travel agency and the manager, a lady came to talk to us. I promise you, never in my life has anyone ever impressed me SO much under the span of 15 minutes. Never. Her presentation, her eloquence, her confidence plus her sense of style, modest and clean to top it all. Everything. Beautiful. I don’t know her name but I’m writing about her because I don’t want to forget the way she made me feel. She was a financial analyst. After talking to her, as of that moment, I started considering looking more into that field. Yo, I was in awe and I couldn’t stop talking about her. Too inspiring. I wish you could come into my brain/heart and see/feel what I did.

Then, the fun part, we went to Atlantis. It was lovely. I didn’t get to do as many rides (my fault) because I got addicted to a particular one and entered it like 100 times plus the lines were crazy long. Oh well, there’s always next time. Oh and the shark tunnel was scary cool! Imagine being in a tank where a chunk of glass separates you from being one with the water world. Crazy, isn’t it?

Day 5
Today was the bittersweet day. The plan was to climb Burj Khalifa (tallest building in the world) but everything was booked that day and the next. Sadly, we were to leave 2 days after. Talk about pissing me off. I was ready, I had already planned the spots for photos/videos, in fact I was already editing the video of the climb in my head I wish I could say I’m kidding but I’m really not. It’s not everyday you get to climb the tallest building in the world. So, so close but there’s always next time! On the other hand, we were in the Dubai mall (world’s largest mall AKA my 2nd home) and that was another spectacle in itself. Nawa, they just keep setting record after record. No slacking. Seriously, there are crazy intelligent people in this world.

Day 6
This was the chilly, willy relaxing day. I slept like mad because truth be told, I haven’t sleeping that much, hehe. Plus I’m leaving the super duper early tomorrow so right now (not now now), I’m sitting in bed writing this article, listening to music then Zzzzzz…

Day 7
Up in the early am. Jet, set, 9ja! Bye for now, Dubai! Till we meet again.
Time to get back to the real world aka school 🙂 
Shout out to my family for always
helping out with my photos! *hugs&kisses*

When In Dubai

A well spent week in Dubai, so bitter-sweet!

As promised the photos of my adventures in Dubai! It was a blast so I’ll break down my highlights for each day one at a time.

It was so hectic! We arrived at our boarding gate 5 minutes before our flight was to leave. All of us were running like CRAZY and to make matters worse better, Davido was also on our flight. I was so stressed out I almost didn’t notice him and there was (of course) a crowd of people wanting to take photos. Funny enough, it wasn’t the passengers causing the drama, it was the staff at the boarding gate telling people to wait so they could take pictures with him BEFORE they checked our boarding passes… 5 minutes before our flight was to leave. Haha, only in Nigeria. Sadly I didn’t get a photo with him if not I would have definitely done a sighting post but just wanted to share this little bit. It was either him or Dubai. Oh and he was a lot more attractive in person just throwing that in there. Though I love his music, I wasn’t really moved by his looks when I saw him in photos. I don’t know if it was the stress of almost missing my flight or the lighting that clouded my vision but I was very much impressed. Haha! 

Oh and I finally watched The Fault In Our Stars. I already knew it was quite a sad movie, so I basically cried from beginning to end. My sisters thought something was wrong with me. The happy parts, I cried. The sad parts, I cried. I like to think of it as rationing/sharing my tears. I cried so much my ears got blocked and I had a headache. I also had a cold and that heightened the pressure in my ears so much I thought my eardrums were going to explode. It was horrible but very worth it. Great movie.

Day 1

Day 2
Plans changed but we eventually went to the Desert Safari and I’m so glad we did! It was so much fun. Quite a drive but so worth it. There was a “bumpy ride” through the desert to the tents (I posted a video on my Instagram @miss_laja), the panoramic views were breathtaking/instaworthy, we rode camels, held falcons, got some henna tattoos, had dinner, I could go on and on but it was fulfilling. It got quite cold into the evening and we weren’t exactly dressed for the weather so we had to cut it short!

Day 3
Today was the Dubai bus tour, we got to visit and see a bunch of places from the Dubai museum (the oldest building in Dubai!) to Jumeirah beach. In fact, my sister and I almost got left behind because we were busy taking photos, haha. The Gold and Spice Souks just brought the thirst to a whole new level. Yummy, yummy, gold/diamond pieces had my eyes like O_O 
We got a breakdown on the history of the Palm Islands (world’s largest man-made island/one of the Wonders of the World). After the tour, I was mind blown. As in, the Arabs know how to enjoy themselves! No wonder Nigerians love them. I couldn’t count how many times they asked my family and I if we were Nigerian, haha. There are sooo many new projects coming up there and it’s amazing seeing how much they’ve accomplished in less than 2 centuries. Dayuummm!

To be continued…


Reminising France…

Just some unrealeased photos from my 6 weeks in France… And mostly because I miss it like crazy and there’s a lot left ushared. Pictures like these remind me of why I love blogging so much. Enjoy…
Le Sacre-Coeur…
They just got married… Aww!
Looks like I’m pouting so I might as well go with it
Musée du Louvre
From Maison de Bertillon
Shhh… Notre Dame
Outdoor concerts on rainy nights… Next to the Bastille
Favorite painting. Photo doesn’t do it justice but “L’Apparition” by Gustave Moreau.
Moroccan greatness… Couscous *drum roll*
Hit hard by the wind
Scents from Provence. Yum
Real bones… The Catacombs
“Think every morning that you might not last till night time and at night, that you might not last till morning” Hmmm…
Fete de la Musique… unforgettable
 La brochette sounds fancier than fried rice and chicken
Outfit here
One cannot take a picture infront of the Notre Dame in peace
Attempt at e-Graffiti at Cite de la Musique
Musée d’Orsay… Oh hey lady in purple 🙂
More Selfies at Palais des Papes
Le Train Bleu in Gare de Lyon
Interior decor
Hubba hubba!
Outfit here
Making macaroons…
Outfit for L’Ochestre de Paris in Salle Pleyel
The real deal… can you see the cameras?
Le Pont du Gard
Le Mont St Michel
Lafayette had me drooling
Batobus cruise on the Seine…
 Tu me manques,

When In Ghana…

I visited Ghana’s capital, Accra for a night and it was my first time. Despite my short sejour, I was very excited and decided to make the best of it. I didn’t get to see much but I’ll definitely be coming back for more exploring!

Some things I learnt during my stay:

  • Banku– A sibling to solid foods Eba, Pounded Yam,Amala, Fufu and Semovita. It’s made of maize! Who knew they had such an extended family? Amazing right?
  • Yam Balls– They look exactly as they sound dearie! Balls made of yam or yam made into balls. However you want to describe it! I don’t know if I ate it right  (maybe there was a sauce/soup to accompany it) but it tasted really good alone. Initially, I mistook it for “puff puff” due to their similar looks and shape.
  • What we Nigerians call fried plantain, they call kelewele.
  • Machi means “Good morning”
  • Akwaaba means “Welcome”
  • Me da se means “Thank you”
  •  Ya fre me Miss LAJA means “My name is Miss LAJA”
Their official currency Ghanian Cedis
Pretty art refelcting African culture

 Sneak peak of my outfit post coming soon! Stay tuned! 🙂