Earth To LAJA

I'll just be honest with myself and admit that I'm a sucker for flared skirts and off should tops (substitute turtle necks for colder weather)  This is a casual outfit that's comfy yet chic. I found myself gravitating towards it and I thought "Not again." This one is from my fashion line, LAJA. The amount [...]

LAJA in Osborne II

Gold tone, gold accents, LAJA loved gold. Always had and always will. After a wild night of merry, exotic cuisines and cocktails,  she seeks some solace before her bittersweet departure.  Taking in the clear blue waters and relishing the sun on her skin, enjoys the magical moment while pondering... Where next? Special thanks to SpringPark [...]

This Christmas

Merry Christmas and Happy Boxing day! I went for a relative's birthday party! Yes, she shares the same birthday as Jesus. It was a great time with food and lovely company. I've been visiting many family members and friends and it absolutely blows my mind that they know about Miss LAJA! Hearing the things they [...]

All My Favorite Things

This outfit comprises of all my favorite things in one place; ankara, leather, jeans, black and red. I absolutely adore how 90s this outfit is with the skirt especially. I found that lately my style has been filled with tights and short skirts or dresses. It's a countdown till Christmas break and I must say, [...]