So, Mummy LAJA & I decided to do a shoot together because obviously 🙂 The looks were inspired by these two Fulfill Jewelry sets. One warm and the other cool but both making a statement. I enjoyed playing with the contrast in colours and backgrounds. This has to be one of my favorite [...]

Gele Chronicles: George Me Not

Two of my favorite colours in one George material. George is a cotton African textile originating from Nigeria. It is adorned with bright colours and especially gold accents because it is usually worn by royalty. The fabric signifies wealth, luxury and status. The material is commonly worn for special occasions like weddings and church events. [...]


Some lovely inspiration I gathered on some styles you can use your ankara cloth or gele to make. I keep saying it, people are so creative! I would love to learn and expand my head gear skills. If you're new to the art of tying the gele, don't carry last. I made a tutorial for [...]

Gele Chronicles: B&W

Here's another gele look since I haven't done one in a while. I plan on doing a lot of the holidays as I'm in the process of coveting my mum's wardrobe *cheese* This isn't a gele entirely but I wanted to head piece and jewelry to be the focus of the look. What do you  [...]