Blue Swan

Hey chica! I just got back from Spring break (very much needed) and if we're friends on Instagram (@miss_laja), you'd know I was in New York! I got the chance to network with and meet lovely individuals who shed great insight on entrepreneurship, fashion and business.  It's lovely being around people passionate about making a [...]

All My Favorite Things

This outfit comprises of all my favorite things in one place; ankara, leather, jeans, black and red. I absolutely adore how 90s this outfit is with the skirt especially. I found that lately my style has been filled with tights and short skirts or dresses. It's a countdown till Christmas break and I must say, [...]

Modern Muse

I'm a self-confessed print-a-holic if that's even a thing (if it isn't, it now is 🙂 ) So imagine when I stumbled across this illustration campaign by Sabine Pieper for Vlisco. I was left in awe and had to share. I love illustration art but combining it with prints? I'm sold on all levels. The [...]