Where we left off

Almost cried editing these photos from a while back because it hit me how much I love and miss blogging and especially editing photos for you. I needed to take a huge step back because i was beginning to loose my perspective... I considered too many voices and opinions that I lost sight of why [...]

RedBlue What’s New

Red & blue, flared skirts, peplums, all my favorite things in one complete outfit. My week was lovely but busy. It's already the end of June, an honesty startling reality. I have a summer internship and it's been making me question a lot of my interests and also pushing me to think about what I [...]

Duro Olowu Fall RTW 2016

Nigerian Designer Duru Olowu's Fall 2016 Ready To Wear Collection has me questioning what I consider Fall and Winter colours. At first glance, the colour choices are rather bright; blues, greens, oranges. It's rather surprising the lack of darks but then, the Duro Olowu Woman cares not what time of the year it is. She [...]

LAJA Unseen #11

Enjoy and don’t forget to check out the name of the pose above on LAJA-gram (@miss_laja). Any guesses? Leave them in the comments below! LAJA Unseen #10 | LAJA Unseen #9| LAJA Unseen 8 SHOP THE LOOKS ON LAJA COLLECTION Always, Miss LAJA

Gele Chronicles: George Me Not

Two of my favorite colours in one George material. George is a cotton African textile originating from Nigeria. It is adorned with bright colours and especially gold accents because it is usually worn by royalty. The fabric signifies wealth, luxury and status. The material is commonly worn for special occasions like weddings and church events. [...]

Purple Reign

Hellllloooo! I did this look on Mummy LAJA and I am so in love.I went for a classic and timeless look. With smokey eyes and a bold red lip. A moment of silence for the loveliness that is this Fulfill Jewelry purple set. I lovee my purple so when I set my eyes on this [...]

New Chapter

I was soooo elated to attend the graduation of one of my long time girlfriends. She graduated Magnum Cum Laude from the University of Georgia! Yess of intelligent women. It was a great week of celebration and relaxation from a super long semester. Good things truly don't come easy and I love seeing the results [...]

Graduation Season

I wore this eye catching number to a graduation! It was super hot but super fun so this was perfect for the occasion. This jumpsuit is coming soon to LAJA so keep your eyes peeled πŸ™‚ Great news, Exotique Durham now carries LAJA! I am very excited and feel truly blessed! This is a milestone [...]

Coral Tunes

I'm back at it with the corn rows again. πŸ˜€ Went with the mood and feel and where was I going? The library, true story hahaha! I've been thinking about the whole veganism movement and living a simpler, healthier lifestyle. I always talk about self empowerment and I've been making efforts since last year to [...]

Five Sisters

My post in April starts with introducing this lovely dress that's sister to this stunning Owa Maxi skirt. I wore it to a business event yesterday where I got to talk about my venture and passions. It was amazing speaking in front of an amazing group of important people so I decided on this chic [...]