So, Mummy LAJA & I decided to do a shoot together because obviously 🙂 The looks were inspired by these two Fulfill Jewelry sets. One warm and the other cool but both making a statement. I enjoyed playing with the contrast in colours and backgrounds. This has to be one of my favorite [...]

Gele Chronicles: George Me Not

Two of my favorite colours in one George material. George is a cotton African textile originating from Nigeria. It is adorned with bright colours and especially gold accents because it is usually worn by royalty. The fabric signifies wealth, luxury and status. The material is commonly worn for special occasions like weddings and church events. [...]

Gele Chronicles: B&W

Here's another gele look since I haven't done one in a while. I plan on doing a lot of the holidays as I'm in the process of coveting my mum's wardrobe *cheese* This isn't a gele entirely but I wanted to head piece and jewelry to be the focus of the look. What do you  [...]

African Explosion Fashion Show

  Hello, lover! If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram, you know I went for a fashion show this past Saturday. I did something super embarrassing that you can read about here. It consisted of clothing made with various African prints and over 6 designers showcased their collections. As you can imagine and also [...]

Gele Chronicles: Before Sunset

 Today's gele chronicles is inspired by this lovely ankara blouse and these lovely orange earrings that remind me of the time right before sunset... Golden hour. This lip color is my new favorite this summer. I've been wearing it way too much. I'm glad I finally found a burgundy lipstick that suits my skin so well. [...]


 I did this engagement/gele makeup look for my lovely, lovely friend. It was inspired by her jewelry, outfit and of course, the gele. Plus, I figured it's nice putting some new faces here once in a while, you know? It was so much fun playing around with colors and the photoshoot was a blast so shout [...]

Gele Chronicles: Light Blue

Yes, blue again... I decided to do the all (light) blue version using a lighter gele as compared to this one here. I'm loving the lips especially for the fall. It's just a lip pencil and clear lip gloss. Here I present to you another option for a gele look or if you're simply looking for [...]

Gele Chronciles: Banana Bubblegum

Happy new month, my loves! Can't believe we're already deep into the 2nd half of 2014! Another look in my gele series. The makeup was inspired by my gele (hair tie) and the jewelry just fell in place. If you're adventurous when it comes to  colors (or just want some ideas on mixing and matching), I [...]

Gele Chronicles: Flamingo

  I played around with this look and I was quite nervous about the outcome. The last time I remember doing a bridal/engagement makeup and gele look was when I was 14. It feels good to be back. We'll see how this goes.Here is a pink engagement look. I will be doing more color combos in [...]

The Bright Nigerian Bride

No guys, don't worry I'm not getting married... yet 🙂 But I did an earlier post of a typical Ika outfit which could also be worn as a traditional wedding attire from where I'm from (Delta state, Nigeria). I was in all white there, now here is another Ika outfit but with a splash of [...]