LAJAlights of 2014

In a nutshell...2014 was a really exciting year for myself and my site as things were created and things also kinda fell apart. One of the very first ones was my trip to France where I spent six gorgeous weeks and it was simply amazing. If you know me, you'll know I love the language [...]

Sighting: Godi Godar

Woop woop! Another cool sighting with a different twist! Meet Godi Godar, founder of GOConsciousEarth from the Democratic Republic Of Congo (DRC). He came to talk about story, his culture and his works in my french class. I know, I seem to meet really interesting figures in my French class. Cheers to more interesting people and [...]

Fall Break

  Though not celebrated by many universities, this break was VERY much needed and I thank God for it. Anyways, it was a chilled weekend plus a Monday and Tuesday of sleeping, chilling and attempting (quite unsuccessfully) to get work done. I also really appreciated the weather this past weekend. It was a rainy but still [...]

Thoughts on Tyler Perry’s Temptation

That awkward moment when the coverphoto has nothing to do with the post... I just really love this photo. Anyhooo...  I watched Tyler Perry's Temptation quite a while back and it was good but quite predictable. I'm not here to give you a movie review but I found myself ranting on and on about different [...]

Sighting: Chimamanda Adichie

 So, I saw Chimanada Adichie…. twice in one day. One of the many reasons I LOVE DUKE. She came over [thanks for coming] to discuss her latest critically acclaimed novel Americanah which was the assigned summer read for the freshmen. Trust me, I learnt A LOT today not only from her but also from the [...]

Reminising France…

Just some unrealeased photos from my 6 weeks in France... And mostly because I miss it like crazy and there's a lot left ushared. Pictures like these remind me of why I love blogging so much. Enjoy...Le Sacre-Coeur...They just got married... Aww!Looks like I'm pouting so I might as well go with itMusée du LouvreFrom [...]

What France Taught Me About Nigeria

I have been doing a lot of touristy things in France (of course) and if there's one thing that has stood out to me, it's the abundance of museums, gardens and historical monuments here, there's just so much to see and do! The amount of effort, time and money put into preserving these monuments is [...]

2 Nights In Provence

I was recently in Provence and it was a very different experience from life in Paris. For one thing, I was able to wear my usual bright colors without feeling awkward or out of place. It was my first time taking the TGV (Le train grand vitesse) and that thing is crazy fast but you [...]

Beautiful Findings.

I did a lot of "flâneries" last week meaning "walking without a goal or sense of direction" (something the French do a lot) so I could familiarize myself with the surrounding. I was able to get some nice photos of amazing findings! Big and bright things(meaning everything in Paris) tend to catch my attention so enjoy! [...]

First few days in Paris

La Seine  If you've been following my Facebook and Instagram page (@miss_laja), you would know I am now in Paris and I couldn't be anymore excited.I was so nervous at the airport because this is my first time here and I had to practice my french skills in a French country. Talk about pressure but [...]