Gimme More Flare

Happy February, sunshine! This week has been a whirlwind for me. So many meetings and appointments to keep up with. I wake up and before I know it, the day's gone. I'm glad though because tomorrow, I'm seeing a BØRNS concert! *jumps up and down like a true fan girl* Being excited is such an [...]

Chasing Red

You guys know I'm all about showing you how versatile and diverse various African** prints are for different seasons and occasions. I really do believe African prints will never go out of style or become "cliche" like I've been seeing around lately. Miss LAJA believes it will continuously evolve alongside the culture and they are [...]

The Butterfly Effect

Happy Wednesday! Here's another vintage ankara piece that belongs to my mum and I have now permanently borrowed, hehe! I'm appreciating how the cold weather is being delayed here in North Carolina but loh and behold, the cold gradually seems to be winning *insert sad face*   Anyways, while taking these pictures, a man commented [...]

Crisp Leaves

  Hello sunshine! As I type this post currently, I'm not the happiest of bunnies. I had a fashion show I'm meant to go to. It's actually to today but I thought it was yesterday (btw, you're reading this in the future) but yes, I was so excited I forgot to double check the date. [...]


  Just finished with Fall break and gradually coming back to the reality that is school. It flew by way too fast though. The rest was very much needed. Gave me a lot of time to clear my head and take time to catch up on leisure activities. I was so occupied with stuff I [...]

Cottage Away From Home

LAJA goes on another one of her adventures away from home. Her arrival reveals two sides she simultaneously embraces and struggles with. Something about the cottage forces her to confront both sides. To understand that the two distinct parts form a whole, one LAJA. What in the cottage, how and why, we'll probably never know. [...]

Fans And Leopard

  Really transitioning for Fall. I've been all about that dark and neutral look for a bit. Especially with my lip colors. Can't seem to get enough of those deep burgundy, brownish-reds. I even got a nail polish in that color. Looking forward to the fashion aspect of the season but not so much the [...]

LAJA Poppins

In the middle of shooting these pictures, I felt so Mary Poppins. My outfit was just short of a little hat (still finding my place with them, not the biggest fan) and my matching umbrella. So there you go, introducing LAJA Poppins.   This is another vintage ankara dress, courtesy Mummy LAJA. The sequins, buttons [...]

Blue Jeans

I'm excited to share the second look from  my #AnkaraInDisney trip. Yeah this isn't Disney but I explain why the shoot had to pushed forward. Read the hilarious story here and peep the first outfit here. I love the concept of jeans and ankara. It's something I have never done before and I look forward [...]


So I have finally arrived in school and am mostly settled. I am so blown by the fact that I'm more than half way done through college. In all seriousness, where has time gone? I clearly remember being a confused freshman on move in. I had way too many boxes and too few hands but [...]