LAJAdages, Your Quotes #7

I find it interesting seeing how people of different backgrounds, cultures etc react to the same adage. I had a conversation with 5 people on theirs. See them below and read mine here

 What’s comes to your mind after reading this adage? There’s no right or wrong answer so don’t feel you need to have some genius epiphany (equally great if you do!)


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LAJA Unseen #6

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LAJA Duckface
The “Can You Like Not?” Pose
The “Hide Yo Wife, Hide Yo Kids” Pose
When Someone Brings More Food You Don’t Like
When You’re Trying To Steal Shower Money During The Wedding
The “Spaghetti Leg Pose” (Hmm, But This Was Too Much Though, lol)

Don’t Even Ask.
The BBHMM Pose
“You better go away, didn’t you start it?” #PettyLAJA


LAJA Adages, Your Quotes #1

I find it interesting seeing how people of different backgrounds, cultures etc react to the same adage. I had a conversation with 5 people on theirs. See them below and read mine here
 What’s the first thing that comes to your mind after reading this adage? 
Comment it below and let’s have a discussion!


Ika Adage #13: Black Goat

Literally speaking, it’s going to be a lot more difficult finding a dark anything when night falls. Looking for a black goat at night time? Good luck with that. You’ll put in more resources, time and there’s really no guarantee you’ll ever find. Unfortunately. This quote could be applied to two aspects; opportunities and relationships.

In relation to opportunity, I believe this adage is referring to those rare, once-in-a-lifetime opportunities that cross your path or in fact, any opportunity in general. If you don’t snatch it while it’s there, if/when it slips through your fingers, it’s significantly more difficult to come across it again; sometimes, you never do. The amount of sweat, blood and tears you’ll have to go through to get that one shot at that one thing you once took for granted… It’s rather painful but if you believe it’s worth it, you’ll find the will to push through. I always like to believe that every disappointment is a blessing. You might end up finding a cow or a deer on your quest for the goat. You know, because cows and deers casually run around at night. But seriously, it’s better to see what could be than continuously obsess over what could have been.

There are several reasons that can cause you to miss out on an opportunity; fear, self-doubt, bad company etc. The doubt or fear usually comes with experiencing something unfamiliar or something where you don’t know the outcome. That’s the more reason you should say yes because who knows where it could lead you to? It’s a lot better than that nasty feeling of regret or “uhh I wish I did it” when the opportunity is long gone. I don’t think anyone is ever 100% ready for anything. There will always be that “Am I really doing this? Should I really do this?” thought at the back of your mind. Seriously, just do it. Pursue that black goat in daylight. It’s not going to sit down waiting for you to catch it. Duh.

Relationship wise, I’m talking platonic, romantic and personal. A black goat in this case connotes negativity. Perhaps you notice an adverse trait in a friend, significant other or even yourself. It is better to fix it or cut it off before things spiral out of control. How does he or she talk about other people to you? It could reflect how they would talk about you to other people.How about signs of physical, verbal or emotional abuse? Do you leave the person feeling drained or empowered? Again, realizing this early on, addressing it and coming to the best decision for you is essential. Waiting till you’re stuck in too deep makes things more complicated and a lot harder to de-tangle yourself from.It’s easier said than done (especially when emotions are involved) but having the right people around you and admitting there’s an issue really goes along way. Sometimes the best decisions for you aren’t the easiest to make.

This quote spoke to me on so many levels, I hope it speaks to you on that thing too.


LAJA Unseen #5

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The “Ughh, My Neck Hurts But Not Really” Pose
The “I’m Sick Of This Conversation, Get Me Out Of Here” Pose
The “Freeze, I Just Saw A Huge Bug” Pose
The “Yeah, I’ve Heard That Excuse Before” Pose
The “No! Don’t Make Me Tell You What I Did” Pose
The “You Mean You Saw Me And Didn’t Say Hi?” Pose
The “Uhn-hunn, I’m Talking To You” Pose
The “I Didn’t Know It’d Be This Cold” Pose
The “I Think Someone Farted, I Wonder Who” Pose


Ika Adage #12: Eyes

This summer I’ve been doing a lot of thinking and reflection. I’m the kind of person that actually enjoys spending quite a bit of time alone thinking. I talk to myself sometimes a lot and yes, I’ve been caught on several occasions. Eekk! Some call it meditation, some reflection but whatever your label preference, I believe it’s highly essential to figure out who you are as an individual. Just like getting to know someone, getting to know YOU takes time and realistically speaking, effort. It’s not something that happens overnight but overtime.
Relating this to the quote, only you know and can determine what’s best for you. You can’t depend on others to decide what direction your life goes in. It’s actually the worst if you’re constantly depending on public opinion before taking the next step (whatever that may be). Public opinion is fleeting and people can (and will) never be satisfied. I’m an optimist but I’ve realized you’ll die trying if you decide to go down that route.  Mind you, advice is great because having different views on a topic gives you a multidimensional view. It comes in handy during those times you get caught up in your head and need someone to talk sense into you. I always take advice as a means towards a new direction on an issue. However, you cannot allow it dictate your life.
I feel so emotional about this topic of self-discovery because I’ve seen full blown adults, I mean I-graduated-college-15-years-ago adults who lack a firm grasp of who they are as individuals. One of my biggest fears is graduating and not knowing why I made the decisions I made. Why I chose the academic I did or participated in the extracurricular activities I chose to. Did I do it because I valued it in some way or because it was expected by others? 

 I always like to think that college years is the period where you can do what you want, try new things, experiment and really get to learn more about you. You don’t have to worry about bills that have to be paid or bosses that are pains in derrière. While you’re closer to the “real world” as they say, you’re still shielded from it. In this bubble, you have the opportunity to work on your self-esteem, learn how to take care of yourself physically, mentally and emotionally free from all that pressure. Take the time to figure out your likes and dislikes, strengths and weaknesses etc. You can take (smart) risks without worrying too much about the consequences. You can travel, go sky-diving, go snorkeling, or start a club. The list is endless. One of my biggest fears in this life is waking up as a grown-ass adult and having no idea why I’m doing what I do or even worse, wishing I had “done that instead”.  It scares the crap out of me.

If there’s something you want to do or experience, do it regardless of public opinion. You can’t live your life through and for others. Don’t get it twisted, this doesn’t apply if it’s something stupid, dangerous or clearly not right for you. The earlier you build a firm grasp on your individuality, the less likely you are to fall for crap and the more likely you are to pursue what you truly want for yourself. You need to realize and accept that you’re worth the time and effort. Get to know yourself the way you’d want someone to get to know you. Spend time alone and do things for you. It’s not being selfish or conceited because if you truly want to help and be of help to others, you need to be your best. This is a topic I’m very passionate about so I can go on and on but you can find resources on self-discovery and self-love all over the World Wide Web.
Like I said, learning about you takes time and as nice as it’d be to write a guide,  “LAJA 101: How I Figured Me Out In 4 Years And Now Slay Life”, I know it’ll go way beyond my college years.  You know that yummy feeling in your gut when you’re closer to figuring out a puzzle than you were before? Yes, that feeling. Strive for that sensation with yourself every day. It never gets old. 

Cheers to self-love and self-discovery! 


LAJA Unseen #4

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The “Yeah, I Shouldn’t Have Said That” Pose
The Ha! Catch Me If You Can” Pose
The “Hold Up, I’m Tryna Be Sleek” Pose
The “Slender LAJA” Pose
The “What Did I Just See?” Pose
The “My Comeback Was Hotter Than Yours” Pose
“Just Another Long Hair Problem” Pose
The “Stop, You’re Slaying Me Softly” Pose
The “Wait, I’m Trying To Think If I Care” Pose
The “Cause I Really Sleep In The Sun” Pose
Nah, I Just Really Love This Photo. Ha!


Ika Adage #11: Slapping Fig Trees

I know it’s weird imagining a fig tree plotting to slap passers-by to oblivion but never getting around to it because plants are one of the nicest creatures on the planet. Right? Or maybe they just have a supernatural dose of self control, haha! How can they harbour such contempt towards us humans? Or do they? They certainly look like they do with their large sizes and thick over-extending branches. It’s definitely an intimidating looking tree… but to slap someone. It’s not that deep. Before you get started, look at a couple of fig trees to get a better imagery in your head.

I really like this adage because it portrays what fear does to us.  When we’re afraid to try new things, take (sensible) risks, of the unknown etc, it’s easy to concoct all types of assumptions and excuses as to why you shouldn’t give “that thing” a shot. Have you ever been in a situation where you’re so scared to try something, it almost seems impossible but when you eventually do, you realize “That was so bad after all.”. That is the barrier of fear and doubt. It prevents you from even trying at all.

Sometimes I get in my head and over-speculate situations, psych myself out and end up dropping it. A personal example, I modeled this year for the first time in a fashion show for an on campus organization and of course, we had to audition prior to it. So, the thing is I wasn’t familiar with walking runways so it was a new experience.You’re probably thinking but you’ve posed for the camera a million times and can walk in heels but I promise you, fashion blogging and modelling aren’t the same thing. They’re similar yes, but they’re different. Anyways, I was nervous out of my braids and I almost didn’t go to the auditions because the thought of walking (in heels) in front of an actively watching crowd had my ears burning. Oh, my ears get hot when I’m overly excited or nervous, hehe. I had all these images running through my head, I thought I would break a leg (literally) or fall or do something utterly silly. I was freaking out to my friends and they assured me I was being a purple and orange frog and I’d be fine. I was and I had the same “Wow, Ashan-wa you’re so over dramatic, it wasn’t that deep” epiphany.
There are so many things I want to do and even when I know this, there’s doubt as to whether I should. I know a lot of people feel this way so you are not alone. Fear and doubt robs you of amazing opportunities. I know I’ve fallen prey to this several times but it is an experience. Just do it even though you don’t feel the most prepared or qualified because if you don’t all you’ll have left is regrets and what ifs.It’s a really crappy feeling. 

I think in quotes so another quote that concisely summarizes this one goes “Feel the fear and do it any way because it might not be too late now but one day, it will be” and I don’t know who wrote it. I hope you’ll be encouraged to push yourself out of your comfort zone more often. It’s easier said than done… like most things in life so breath more, think less and JUST DO IT! If that doesn’t work, you can ask a fig tree to slap you but honestly, you’ll be fine.
What’s one thing you REALLY want to do but haven’t been able to because of whatever? For me, I’d really like to dye my hair deep blue or purple… Or get highlights in those colors!
Share yours down below!


Take A Break

 Some photos from my Spring Break last week. I don’t know where to start. First thing first, I went on beach retreat with my campus Christian ministry where we stayed in rented beach houses. It was absolutely amazing and exactly what I needed. It was a great week of chilling and sleeping and eating and not sleeping and beaching. In short, It was absolutely stunning.

One of my biggest highlights was paying a visiting to this 93 year old lady who still lived independently. She does the basics like cooking, light cleaning (she has someone who comes in to do heavy cleaning each week) and she still drives! Of course within the town to places like church and the post office but being able to drive at that age is still INSANE. I was inspired beyond words. That’s some #oldpeoplegoals right there. 

Another one of my highlights was just staying up super late watching movies, playing games and just chatting with friends about random stuff like silly characters cartoons to relationships. Playing Jenga and cards really pushed my heart rate to its limits. Talk about tension, geez! I definitely appreciated late night or shall I say early morning conversations. It’s probably a mixture of the delirium you feel from staying up too late and just really good company. I already accepted the fact that I talk a lot a long time ago but I actually surprised myself some nights. I’d say to myself “Dayumm, Ashan-wa you actually need to shut up and chill”. I’ll just take it as evidence of a good time so no complaints here, haha.

One last thing was definitely the weather because… Well, because. The odds were in our favor and it was gorgeous despite the grim weather forecasts. The sky and sunsets were magnifique I can’t explain how much I enjoyed waking up to crashing waves and a bright sunny day in the morning… actually more like 1:30pm cause that’s when I actually opened my eyes. Sorry not sorry.

It was definitely a blessed week and I hope you enjoy the pictures. Now I want a house on the beach, haha!

I can’t wait to share the pictures from the DukeAfrica show and talk about the experience. Gosh, it was crazy, crazy fun but till then, the interview I did with Duke a while back is finally out so check it out here! This is official my first video interview. Talk about #BlueDevilLove. 

Cheers to many more!

LAJA Tips: How To Style Printed Skirts

Since I wear a lot of African prints, I decided to go more in-depth so I’m introducing the “How-To” series where I give my tips and tricks for styling different printed pieces. The first in the series would be the ankara skirt.

LAJA Tip 1: Neutrals
When all else fails, neutrals are your best friend. Having blouses in the basic colors like black, white, brown and cream are a necessity in every girl’s wardrobe. For printed skirts, you can use them to pull the whole look together as well as tone it down. Personally, I prefer black and white shades… Especially black as it’s very low maintenance. You know the drill, you want your top half to complement your bottom half so it’s balanced out.

 Since the bottom is loud, keep the top mild.

LAJA Tip 2: Complementary Colors
If you really think about it, prints especially African prints have made combining colors a lot easier. How? They are mixed with colors that compliment each other. You can play off the colors on the skirt and chose to make your top one of the recessive colors on the skirt. On the other hand, you can pick a color that contrasts the colors on the skirt. Either ways, use the colors on your skirt to your advantage! 

If you’re not great with color’s, peep this article for a crash course. I wasn’t born a pro but practise, practise and more practise will get you there. 


LAJA Tip 3: Double Trouble
In Nigeria, skirts are usually sewn with a complimentary blouse. While this requires the least thinking, you can really make a statement with your ensemble so have fun with it!
 What do you think of my “How-To” Series? Let me know what you’d like to see in the comments below. 

I hope these tips were helpful! Talk to you in a bit!