Yellow Ankara Skirt

This lovely yellow ankara skirt was quite a challenge matching up and I didn’t want to wear it just anyhow you know? I was kinda nervous cause the weather’s been bipolar all week so I was glad I got to where this outfit without freezing my butt off. North Carolina’s weather is really awesome! It’s amazing how warm it in November 🙂

Have a swell week!


Dark Flowers

It’s November already… How time flies! 
The colours of this outfit are usually darker than what I usually wear but black is a classic colour so why not? Plus, it was kinda chilly so… Yeah 🙂

My hair’s purple, check out the details here

Have a fierce week guys!


Hair Talk: Purple WaterMelon

Yes yes, I got my hair done and it’s black and PURPLE! If you’re not already aware, I have a strong love for purple, orange, royal blue (well, in general bright colours)! So why not get purple highlights in my braids? Plus, I don’t think I will ever dye my natural hair so why not play with the colourful extensions out there? One thing I love about this hair( besides the colour of course) is it’s fullness. It’s also unique. I’m just going about with my bouncy hair feeling like a boss! Haha!

Us Nigerians call it “WaterMelon”. Why water melon? I have not idea and I don’t see any watermelon resemblances here but that’s what it is. It’s very easy to maintain and if you want to learn more about braids and how to maintain them, check here.

Share with me what you think in the comment box.
 What funky things have you tried with your hair? 


Heeled Boots ‘N’ Ankara Jackets

This yummy jacket is another piece from my ankara collection that I’m really pumped to rock so I made it the statement of my outfit. And just a rewind, it was Nigeria’s independence approximate 13 days ago and she turned 53! I’ve never been more proud to be Nigerian and I pray God continues to prosper us.

Back to the outfit, I’m in soo in love with the jacket and boots and bag (it has something to do with my purple love) so everything combined just made me love this outfit a tad too much! Plus, the boots are comfy and add an edge to the whole ensemble… Double score!

Happy Fall Break!


Hair Talk: All Natural

So, I recently took out my braids. They were fun while they lasted but I really missed my hair and it was about time! 

After a trip to the saloon, here are the results!

I’m soooo happy with where my hair’s at now; the length, the texture, everything! Woohoo! I’m looking forward to making it longer and even better! There’s always room for improvement. 🙂 But in the mean time, I’m going to rock this look!

Healthy hair is truly happy hair!


Peplum Craze

Let’s just say I’m really really really feeling the peplum trend now. I’m not really one to follow trends and I usually wear what I like but I always seem to find myself wearing something with a peplum waist… I think it’s weird cause it’s not planned but oh well… I guess I’m in love and don’t even know it! Third time lucky… Check out the other two times here and here!

Ankara is a very popular type of material used to make clothings, bags, shoes etc and are usually very patterned, bright and multi-colored…

I’m so in love with this ankara! God bless my tailor for getting everything right! I plan on wearing it till it falls apart!


When In Ghana…

I visited Ghana’s capital, Accra for a night and it was my first time. Despite my short sejour, I was very excited and decided to make the best of it. I didn’t get to see much but I’ll definitely be coming back for more exploring!

Some things I learnt during my stay:

  • Banku– A sibling to solid foods Eba, Pounded Yam,Amala, Fufu and Semovita. It’s made of maize! Who knew they had such an extended family? Amazing right?
  • Yam Balls– They look exactly as they sound dearie! Balls made of yam or yam made into balls. However you want to describe it! I don’t know if I ate it right  (maybe there was a sauce/soup to accompany it) but it tasted really good alone. Initially, I mistook it for “puff puff” due to their similar looks and shape.
  • What we Nigerians call fried plantain, they call kelewele.
  • Machi means “Good morning”
  • Akwaaba means “Welcome”
  • Me da se means “Thank you”
  •  Ya fre me Miss LAJA means “My name is Miss LAJA”
Their official currency Ghanian Cedis
Pretty art refelcting African culture

 Sneak peak of my outfit post coming soon! Stay tuned! 🙂


Keepin’ It Classy

I attended a sibling’s graduation with my family. It was a successful event and I thank God for the graduant! The pictures look kinda funky cause my camera died and I had to make do with the iPad.

Hair Talk: Fish Bone

I know funny name… 😀

You may think it’s weaves but it’s actually braids. I’m not a fan of weaves… I prefer braids by far. I might change my mind later but for now, it’s me and my braids.

This style of braids resembles a style I did before called pick-and-drop (or watermelon if it’s curled). The difference is fish-bone is woven to the back and the excess extensions are dropped from side to side as it goes (which is where it gets its name) while pick-and-drop are individual half-finished braids. You could choose to carry it normally and brush it when necessary like weaves. The other option (which I did) is to add hair gel and hair mousse to each individual “drop” to make it stiff and give it a shiny look but you won’t be able to brush it.

These don’t actually look like the typical braids and that’s why I love it. People usually confuse it for my hair. Lol! I did the short one with a center parting (it could always be longer with the parting of your choice) for a new look if not, I’m a sucker for long braids and I NEVER do center parting… till now
With gel: use hair mousse to maintain the body and oil sheen for the scalp. If the braids bend of place, the mousse could be used to tame it back to place.
Without gel: oil sheen for the body and the scalp and brushing when necessary.
Here’s mine!