Hair Talk: Concotious Wanna-Be-Kinky

 The braids are innn... Again.These are basic box braids with curly tips (because you all know I love curls... and braids hehe) but I thought they really resembled the kinky twists I always do but since they're not, I decided this style deserved a post of it's own. Besides this reason, I have 3 different [...]

Hair Talk: Waist Length Chuku Braids

You all know that braids will forever be in vogue for me. Since I've been back in Nigeria, I noticed that super long braids have become really popular but what really made me want to get mine done was after my mum did a hairstyle similar to this. I had no intention of braiding my hair [...]

10 Easy Way To Style Your Braids

I've been working on this video for a while now *closes eyes shyly* and finally I present to you 10 easy ways to style your braids! I figured it'd be great especially for summer! Enjoy and I hope you find it helpful.More details on the hair and maintenance here  "Thumbs up" if you like it [...]

Hair Talk: Senegalese Twists

 I did these Senegalese Twists with wine highlights. Yum! I actually have three packs of X-pression extensions in 3 different colors; black, brown and wine. I had been craving this type of braids (actually braids in general) really bad. Unlike my beloved kinky twists, these cannot be washed. In fact any contact with water is [...]

Hair Talk: Purple WaterMelon

Yes yes, I got my hair done and it's black and PURPLE! If you're not already aware, I have a strong love for purple, orange, royal blue (well, in general bright colours)! So why not get purple highlights in my braids? Plus, I don't think I will ever dye my natural hair so why not play [...]

Hair Talk: Fish Bone

I know funny name… 😀 You may think it’s weaves but it’s actually braids. I’m not a fan of weaves... I prefer braids by far. I might change my mind later but for now, it’s me and my braids. This style of braids resembles a style I did before called pick-and-drop (or watermelon if it’s [...]

Hair Talk- Braids

Well, braids are something I do ALL the time!It's popular amongst female teenagers, adults and even the elderly so I'm not alone! Braids are a cool way to style the hair especially for people who have thick, coarse hair (mostly common amongst Blacks/Africans). It’s also another way to keep the hair neat for an extended [...]